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Bamboo & Coconut Pot Scrubber - Cool Straw

Bamboo & Coconut Pot Scrubber

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Nothing says “glamour” like this sturdy, no-nonsense pot scrubber. Elevate your dishwashing experience and say goodbye to your worst stuck-on gunk with this elegant beauty.

Its sturdy bamboo handle and hard-working coconut fibre bristles will ensure your manicure will stay intact and your time at the sink will be reduced. You’ll have plenty of time to do other elegant things like scrub soap scum off the bathtub, wash the goop off the kids’ shoes, and remove garden dirt from the carrots.

Well, maybe you should have two pot scrubbers.  Run a coloured string through the hole on the handle so you don’t ever have to wonder if whatever the kids stepped in is now on the beets. Wow.

Each brush is 25cm long.