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Metal Toothpick Set

Metal Toothpick Set

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This set is almost as good as having your dentist beside you at all times, easily reach those hard to reach places that straight toothpicks can't!

With a comfortable cross hatched grip, this little tool's versatility will amaze - use as an SD slot opener, fruit pick, nail cleaner, clean out crevices, etc.

Stainless steel, non-toxic, anti-allergy, sanitize in boiling water or with rubbing alcohol. USE FOREVER - the most eco friendly option! 

Includes: 1 Straight Toothpick -  2.56" long
1 Semicircle Toothpick hook - 3.15'' long
1 Toothpick Square Hook - 3.35'' long
1 Carry Case
Weight: 1.42OZ