We're not looking to make a $1 Million , but to change 1 Million people's habits.

Wholesale Program

With Cool Straw, my mission is to impact one million people. That means getting zero-waste products into as many households as possible.

Now that's where you come in!

I understand how difficult it is for retailers to test new products in their store. By purchasing your product upfront, you're taking a risk every time. Not to mention, the incredibly high minimum-order-quantities don't help either.

That's why I designed the wholesale program to be as retailer-friendly as possible.

The program is simple—buy 25 products, and qualify for wholesale discounts.

Oh, and did I mention that you can mix and match your products to qualify? That means you can add an entire eco-friendly category to your store for less than $200!

You don't need to be a retailer to qualify for wholesale pricing either!

  1. Are you a real-estate agent? Hand out some products as housewarming gifts for your clients!
  2. Dentists can give away zero-waste bamboo toothbrushes to patients
  3. Gyms can sell refillable, stainless-steel water bottles to members that have forgotten theirs, perhaps offer as New Membership incentive!

Let's work together and make this mission happen!

Email me at info@coolstraw.ca