Changing a million plastic habits, not chasing a million dollars 🌎

Wholesale Program


Cool Straw is my mission to impact one million people’s plastic habits – that means getting zero-waste products into as many households as possible.

I hope to recruit you on this mission!

I understand how difficult it is for retailers to test new products in their store, purchasing product upfront is a risk every time. Not to mention, incredibly high minimum-order quantities that eat up your cash on hand.

That's why I designed our wholesale program to support Cool Straw retailers.

The program is simple—buy 25 products, and qualify for the 25% wholesale discount! And so on it goes, with more volume. See chart below.

These discounts are built into the system, feel free to Order Now!

Oh, and did I mention that you can mix and match your products to qualify? That means you can add an entire eco-friendly category to your store for less than $200!