It's only 1 straw .......said 8 Billion people!

Milk Bag Program

Milk bags are terrific product for mattresses! For the less fortunate homeless people, 3rd World countries /hospitals they can provide comfort from dirt floors, they last forever, are very durable, waterproof and use a FREE resource to make!

They are also sent to areas in the world where woman weave them / sell them in order to feed their families. 

They are not so great for landfills as they last forever, do not decompose or bio-degrade, so very harmful for the environment.

The Milk Bag program is providing incentive for more to be kept from landfills and more made into much needed mattresses. We will collect and provide to the 100's of wonderful volunteer mattress weavers.

What's in it for you?  Feel good for keeping out of landfill AND you receive $.05  per bag in Cool Straw credit to use for eco-friendly products.

How does it work?

Collect your bags, keep them clean, dry, tear-free and bound them all together.

Label with your name, email address and phone number

Drop them in the box @ 120 Ayton Crescent Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 7H5.

Within 72 hours they will be processed and transitioned to an account with your credits assigned and an email notification will come to you confirming your total credits. Upon redemption of the credits a 35% exchange fee is charged essentially bringing the Cool Straw products to a 65% OFF price!

Labels, pens and elastics available in the bin.

Collect from family, friends and co-workers!

If you'd like to become a Milk Bag Ambassador send me a message!

School and Corporate programs are also available. Think of the the 100's of bags you can collect and turn into $$$'s for products!

Thank you for your support!