It's only 1 straw .......said 8 Billion people!

Corporate Program

When it comes to going green, individual efforts can only go so far. That's why I created the Cool Straw Corporate Program. When large, medium and even small-sized companies get behind the zero-waste movement, we can make progress seriously quick!

Better yet, these programs are easy to set up and incredibly affordable! With my customizable programs, I can easily create a zero-waste program for each and every budget size.

Are you really inspired by the movement? Lets work together! 

  • If you have some budget to kick-start your initiatives, lots that we can do!
  • If you're working with a smaller budget, don't worry, some things we can do!
  • Tons of desire to move forward with the zero-waste initiative but little-to-no budget? I"m creative so we can make it work!

Send me an email, I"ll be in touch!