Changing a million plastic habits, not chasing a million dollars 🌎

What did we accomplish in 2019?

Well proudly we accomplished a-lot for a small business.

Many more products were added as we can't change the environment issue just with steel straws! 

Bamboo toothbrushes, pot scrubbers, dish cloths etc as well as facial products and wheat straw products too!

Mom markets, farmer's markets and hospital vendor programs have been a huge success with folks so excited to FINALLY find affordable sustainable products.

This business has taken true form and beyond satisfying.

It's alot of fun to be face to face and seeing the changing habits right before my eyes. If it's just one product at at's shifting and this is truly exciting!

Each week as our recycling, garbage waste dwindles away it's become a true family challenge to get as close to ZERO WASTE as possible.

Is it truly possible?

Bea Johnson did it......except for a small mason jar collected over 1 YEAR! and this was done with her family of 4! 

It's a lifestyle meaning it will never go away this desire and need to change our ways.