Changing a million plastic habits, not chasing a million dollars 🌎

It started with a Single Steel Straw


I've always been frugal with spending, managing food waste and conscious of volume of garbage / recycling in my home.

I'm seeing more and more reports, videos from around the world, introduction to Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Lifestyle book, Greta Thunberg activism and thought.....what can I do to help?

I placed an order for 1,000 steel straws.

Now what do I do?

And so it began, Cool Straw - straw supplier to replace plastic straws.

With an order of 1,000 straws, I started Facebook / Instagram pages and looked for ways to sell these straws.

Of course, with my own family, the straws were a happy site and easily adaptable utensil.  Of course the more colourful, collapsible, twisty the better for the little ones.