Changing a million plastic habits, not chasing a million dollars 🌎

And then 2020.....Pandemic

Well who would have added "Pandemic" to their business plan?

Certainly not me. 

At the time this news hit the world, I was selling product in a busy retail store, I had over 100 market events booked and things were rolling nicely!

1000's products getting into the hands of Eager Zero Wasters was like music to our ears. Were now accomplishing what we set out to do!


All changed with the announcement of World Wide Pandemic and particularly for us Ontario Lockdowns. The world has changed. Major pre-cautions were put into place everywhere. 

The business all but stopped.

We'll ride this temporary restriction out as it was initially a couple of weeks of lock-down and all will resume again. Right? Wrong.

Weeks turned into months.

Face to face markets /selling turned to on-line sales, they are great of course but just not the same amount of fun, connecting with community & customers. The educating for new ways to save / recycle/ re-use was gone.

Staying optimistic the Good Old Days will return!